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Pinnacle Treatment Centers’ Career Center

Employment Opportunities at Delaware Valley Medical

7980 South Crescent Blvd
Pennsauken, NJ 08109
856-665-5243 (Fax)

Position: Executive Director


This includes planning, organizing, delegating, staffing, budgeting, and marketing the services provided in
this facility. 

  • 1.  Ensuring the development, implementation, and enforcement of all policies and procedures,including client and employee’s rights
    2.   Ensuring agency compliance with federal, state, and local regulations as well as accreditation standards.
    3.   Planningfor, and administration of, the managerial, operation-al, fiscal, and reportingcomponents of Delaware Valley Medical.
    4.   Participating in the Performance Improvement Program for patient care, physical plant, staff retention, and staff performance.
    5.   Ensuringthat all personnel are assigned duties based upon their education, training,and job description.
    6.   Ensuring the provision of staff orientation and staff training/education.
    7.   Establishing and maintaining liaison relationships and linkage agreements with other agencies in the community, and maintaining communication with community agencies’ staff.
    8.   Staff supervised:  professional and nonprofessional staff (both employees and independent contractors/consultants)working for the facility. 


a) A master’s degree and two years of full-time equivalent, administrative or supervisory experience in a substance abuse treatment facility; or
b) A baccalaureate degree and four years of full-time or full-time equivalent,administrative or supervisory experience or training in a substance abuse treatment facility.  

Position: Director of Substance Abuse Treatment

Full Time - 40 hours per week


 The Director of Addiction Services supervises, manages, and provides leadership for all clinical staff members.  This position will assist Executive Director in areas of problem solving, conflict resolution, readiness for State, CARF visits and other areas assigned by Executive Director. 


Minimum Education

New Jersey licensed psychologist who possesses a Certification of Proficiency in the Treatment of Alcohol and other Psychoactive Substance Use Disorders from the American Psychological Association, College of Professional Psychology, , is a certified clinical supervisor by The Certification Board, or is an LCADC;

New Jersey licensed clinical social worker, who is a certified clinical supervisor by The Certification Board;

New Jersey licensed professional counselor, or licensed marriage and family therapist, who is a certified clinical supervisor by The Certification Board;  

Minimum Work Experience

 ·      Develop written objectives, policies, a procedure manual, an organizational plan, job descriptions and a quality assurance program for the counseling services;
·      Ensure the coordination and integration of counseling services with other client care services to ensure continuity of care for each client;
·      Ensure that the behavioral and pharmacological approaches to treatment are evidenced based or based on objective information to provide treatment services consistent with recognized treatment principles and practices for each level of care and type of client served by the program;
·      Provides orientation to and evaluation of new counseling staff prior to the assignment of counseling responsibilities; 

Pinnacle Treatment Centers offers a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package. 

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